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      How we protect your information.

      British Companies keeps all of your personal information private and does not provide or sell this information to any third party. British Companies does not send out unsolicited emails. Personal information received by British Companies is stored in secure operating environments that are not accessible by the public. British Companies does not use cookies.

      British Companies will not disclose your personal information unless acting under a good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (1) conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process; or (2) act to protect the interests of its members or other qualified bodies.

      British Companies complies with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998 and the Data Protection Principles set out in that Act in the collection and processing of personal information. Robin Hulse Consulting Ltd is the keeper of the records and has registered with the Data Protection Act - Registration No: Z664124

      You may obtain a copy of your personal information held by British Companies by contacting us and requesting a copy but we do require at least 14 days notice to enable us to comply with the request.

      Contacting us.

      If at any time you believe that British Companies has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by email at admin@britishcompanies.co.uk and we will use all commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and correct the problem.


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